Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Electric fence,barbed wire and razor new rules

An email I received from reader Wendy who asked that I post this:

> The new rules for installation of electric fences, barbed wire, and razor
> wire are going before City Council on Thursday evening at 5:30 PM. The
> proposed rule states that any business that can show they had criminal
> activity on their property can be allowed to put in an electric fence,
> barbed wire or razor.
> A more comprehensive proposal was put forward but, apparently, City Council
> did not put it forward.
> This ordinance will be sent to the Planning Commission as it is written
> unless we can get City Council to either
> a) continue this to allow public input or
> b) modify this.
> The proposed verbiage that was set forth originally but was not approved
> was:
> A variance can be had allowing an electric fence, razor wire, or barbed wire
> if the applicant can:
> "1) provide documented police reports that clearly demonstrate criminal
> activity occurred at the property during the two years prior to the variance
> request, Reports of false alarms cannot be used to demonstrate a
> significant security need.
> 2) Provide evidence that, at the time the criminal activity occurred other
> means of security protection devices were installed and in proper operating
> condition. Other means of security protection devices include, but are not
> limited to, alarm systems, guard dogs, security personnel, and/or adequate
> chain link or sold wall fencing, when allowed.
> In applying the variance criteria, the VERB,, ARC, or BLC shall balance the
> applicant's need for the variance with the visual impact to the surrounding
> community. The purpose of the provision is to ensure that any use of
> electric fencing barbed wire or razor wire should be used only as the
> extreme last resort of property protection."
> Based on what is currently being proposed, any business that is broken into
> can get a variance for barbed wire, razor wire or an electric fence.
> If you cannot attend Thursday night, please send an email to
> asking them to change the ordinance as
> originally proposed. If ou want to send me your email, I will read it into
> the record.
> The more people that show up, the greater the impact.
> Thank you,
> Susan Long

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