Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Digital Billboards...who needs street lights!

Ditgital billboard could soon light up your homes. It is buried in a settlement agreement that would allow these energy monsters. This is not an ordinance that can be modified at a later date these are legally binding agreements between the City of Tampa and the billboard giants Clear Channel and CBS Outdoors. City Council will revisit the issue on March 5th but the only time to speak out is before Council starts on the agenda. For information from other communities and talking points

City Council took up the issue of the settlement agreements between the City of Tampa and Clear Channel and CBS Outdoors on February 5th. As was said during the public comments and echoed by some members of City Council, the original settlement agreement was awful and this one was merely bad. I guess that is improvement. It has now been delayed until March 5th. It was good to see this process slowed or delayed. Councilman John Dingfelder made a good connection in asking what was the initial reason for the litigation by Clear Channel and CBS Outdoors. For Clear Channel it was the view corridors (Kennedy, Swann, MacDill) identified in the original agreement. For CBS Outdoors it was the fact that the original agreement had expired.This agreement would have gone far beyond the initial Clear Channel litigation. It also was beyond the CBS Outdoors litigation. The challenge is that it has so far only been delayed in a motion made by Councilman Charlie Miranda.

The big issue is digital billboards that change the message every 6 to 10 seconds. A huge distraction to drivers already struggling to stay focused on the road conditions. For urban neighborhoods it is the potential for horrendous light pollution. As one Council member stated we are not Times Square. Amen. I think that between now and March 5th City Council members need to hear lots of opposition to digital billboards in Seminole Heights and other central Tampa neighborhoods. Go look at the digital billboard at Dale Mabry & Waters and envision those lighting up 275 and the major roads running through our neighborhood.

Swamp their offices with messages of "no digital billboards" in our neighborhoods. Drive past your "favorite" neighborhood billboard, now imaging it converted to digital and sucking up enough energy to light yours and 12 other neighbors homes, and now image it is bright enough to be seen for 2 or 3 miles and glows 24/7! How many of these monsters will it take to wreck our community?
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Denis A. Baldwin said...

I guess I'm so used to living in heavy urban communities that this doesn't even phase me.

Anonymous said...

Yes! we can say billboard is the light of the city and beauty.

LED signs