Friday, October 10, 2008

The "Vote" Postcard

I was requested to post this. At this time OSHNA has also sent out an official "bungalow alert" as a disclaimer stating as much.

OSHNA Board,

The “Vote” postcard delivered today raises some very serious concerns about the integrity of OSHNA. The main issue is not that it went out nor that it appears that the recipients are members of the association, the later is of course of concern. However, my main concern is that the postcard appears to be coming from the Old Seminole Neighborhood Association itself. As I am sure that this is not the case I am requesting that the Board communicate with the membership the following:

“If you received a ‘Vote” postcard in the mail the Association wants to assure you that the Association did not pay for nor does the Association in any way promote the information provided in the postcard. The Association has a long history of not endorsing any candidate for the Executive Board of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association and as such the contents of the postcard are not being provided in this Alert.

Further, the Association recently denied a request to use the membership list for the purposes of disseminating information relating to the election. And in fact, has a history of not providing the membership list to anyone.

The Association apologizes for any confusion that this may have caused you and look forward to continuing to work with you to address the needs of the neighborhood “

(You can add words to further explain the board’s position, but this must be communicated to the membership as quickly as possible. )

Christie Hess

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