Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kevin White Finds his Fine Clothing Fines him

According to the Times, Kevin White faces up to $38,000 in fines for election campaign expense violations relating to his claiming his clothing as campaign expenditures:.

"The FEC found probable cause that White committed:

- Eight election law violations by certifying that campaign reports were correct when they were false, incomplete or inaccurate.

- Four violations by using campaign money improperly to defray normal living expenses with the wardrobe purchases and the purchase of a $1,915 Dell computer.

- Two violations by authorizing expenditures prohibited by election law: the $6,100 paid for the clothes and the $1,915 paid for the computer.

The Times got some great quotes from the person who filed the complaint:

""It's very clear that this guy doesn't want to be upfront with people," said Schuler, a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant formerly with a nonprofit housing agency. "If you gave him a $500 campaign contribution, he didn't use it to buy yard signs. He was wearing it."


"Schuler, who filed the complaint, said he had no clue what option White might take. "Whatever he does," said Schuler, "I'm sure he'll look like a million bucks.""


  1. Can one of his penalties be that he is removed from the Commission?

  2. Nope, no an option.

  3. This clown is the best Tampa has to offer?


  4. Nope, but given that few people around here votes, that's what we're stuck with.

  5. Kevin White really thinks a whole lot of himself and always has.
    First thing he did when he won a City Council Seat was to explore and propose a big fat raise for himself (along with his fellow council members of course) and he wasn't even in office for four months. Thank goodness Rose Ferlita tipped the scale (as a last min switch decision) that failed that attempt. First time I actually went to the chambers and had my big 3-min of public time to address the issue. Myself and one other person stood alone in opposition and I sure didn't hold back my feelings. Didn't surprise me to know about his fancy wardrobe was illegally gotten; heck he didn't get that big fat raise in the past so he had to find the funds from somewhere. The man just has to look good for appearance sake, don't you know? He sickens me and to know he is over at the County now and the saga continues on.

  6. K. White was an apathetic, disinterested City Councilman. Dissappointing he got elected to BOCC, but at least he's off City Council. Hopefully he'll get himself off the County Commision.

  7. I remember that Big-Raise proposal he brought to the fore front. I recall he was really hurt that the Tpa-Trib called him out on it in an unfavorable light and rightly so. He kept saying over and over that "This is not a Kevin White issue, I was asked by my fellow council members to research salaries of other city council members and report back, so don't make this out to be a Kevin White issue" I thought then that it was just an excuse so he could find a way to pad his income further when he found out how little he was going to get for a council seat compared to his previous job as a financial mgr at some car sales lot (which he quit).
    Just can't trust the man and he still tries to squeeze around the system with the purchases of his fine suits. Shame on you Kevin, you will never change.

  8. Kevin White is a Putzz.

  9. I agree, Kevin White is a poor excuse for a representative of this community. Shame on Him !

  10. Next time up for re-election, Ratsass should go up against Kevin.
    The Rat vs the Bug-Eye-Frog.

    The Rat will have the Frog for lunch. Ha !

  11. How can you compare other cities to Tampa? Other cities offer services to their citizens. ie, clean safe streets, code enforcement, safe parks with amenities, reliable waste services, consistent zoning, access to city services for neighborhood events.

    What does Tampa have to compare.........nothing!

  12. Another Kevin White issue, he was a part of it while being a City Council member. A Do-Nothing and Talk-Big just like his Co-Council member Gwen (if you can understand her - she does mumble). To bad he ended up over at the County but there is still hope Gwen can be out - Vote Joe Redner and next time around Vote out Looser Kevin.

  13. didn't Redner run against White? (I forget... Redner's run against everyone...)

  14. You might be correct, not sure.
    I don't believe the County was quite ready for Joe just then but I do believe that the City certainly is. White didn't run again in any City seat because he wouldn't have won and he knew it which is why he went to the County. Play it safe in the County for a safe win. Voter's in the City know him better and soon the County will figure out this sleaze ball, heck they already are.
    Mr. Fancy-Suits-I-Gotta-Look-Good-For-The-Part-of-The-Oh-So-Important-Council-Member! He makes me sick.

  15. Does anyone who is or was represented by this guy really think he is doing a grand job?
    Bet finding a whole lot of warm support for Kevin in the city will be hard to find.